Logic Minimizer

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. How to fix the error message "API library is not found" when clicking on Solve?

A. Copy the files lmdep.fll and lmdepa.fll from the installation directory (usually C:\Program Files\Logic Minimizer) to the system directory (usually C:\Windows\System32).


Q. Does Logic Minimizer give the most simplified expression?

A. Yes! The expression with the least number of terms and with the least number of literals is always returned.

Q. Does Logic Minimizer support operation priority e.g. in a<->b->c?

A. Of course! Logic Minimizer has powerful formula handling capabilities! You do not need to explicitly enter a<->(b->c) for Logic Minimizer to recognize that implication (->) has higher precedence than equivalence(<->). However complex your formulae are, Logic Minimizer will always respect the operation precedence rule!


Q. Is the time-taken to minimize a function in sum of product form and product of sum form the same?

A. For lower order variables function (1-4), the time-taken is almost the same. Beyond 4 variables, product of sum (POS)  is calculated faster than (SOP) if the total number of "ones" and "don't care" in your function is more than half the maximum number of possible terms for that function.

For example, a 12-variable function has 212 = 4096 maximum possible terms. If the function you want to minimize has more than 2048 terms, a product of sum (POS) form will be calculated faster than a sum of product (SOP) form.

Q. Are two different functions with the same number of terms and same number of variables calculated at the same speed?

A. Not necessarily. Functions with clustered terms (those than can be combined with neighboring terms in one or more ways) are evaluated slower than isolated terms (those that cannot be combined with neighboring terms).

Q. What is the estimate time-taken to compute a particular function above 4 variables?

A. Any 8-variable function takes on average a couple of seconds to be computed on an 1.6 GHZ processor.


Q. Why is my email address not being accepted when I make a purchase?

A. Some email addresses are not accepted for security reasons. In such cases, you will have to use another email address. You may sign up freely for AOL Mail to get an accepted email address.